Furnishing the bathroom requires a mix of design, functionality and aesthetics.

The choice of furnishing the bathroom certainly has to consider the space available, the people living in the house, and the style that you want to create.

On the market there are many products for bathroom, ma only a few of them take into consideration all the features mentioned above, in order to have a beautiful, safety and function bathroom.

EVER Life Design offers a series of accessories, sanitary ware, cabinets and washbasins, able to combine all the aspects mentioned, because we believe that the aesthetic has, must never forget functionality and safety. In this category, you will find different solutions for your bathroom. Our modular systems, are developed for all those spaces in which you can do a different stylistic choice, that love to be different, without ever forgetting the style. The range of sanitary ware is very wide, hanging or floor standing, washbasins have beautiful rounded shapes, and are made of soft materials in some cases, or more traditional material like resin marble. You will find shower trays, shelves suitable to be installed under the shower, shower seat soft made of polyurethane.

Our multifunctional shelves are at the same time towel holder, hand hold, and than we have hangers for the bathrobe, cabinets and stool, toilet roll holders and brush holders with a strong design. Different finishes and shapes, that make the products of the collection EVER Life Design design accessories for bathroom. Accessories for bathroom can add a touch of style: for this reason, choose the right product is very important, and it is necessary to consider different aspects. The space available is for sure one of the essential points to take into consideration when you choose bathroom accessories: EVER Life Design thought to this point, by adding different products, that optimize spaces and keep the right proportions, in order to facilitate the use of the accessories inside the bathroom.