EVER Life design is an Italian brand introduced on the market by Thermomat, an historic Company that during the years became leader in the production of aids, instruments and accessories for bathroom, not only for the Italian market, but also for the International one. EVER Life Design represents from the beginning a strong and innovative character, offering a collection made of objects and accessories with a strong personality, able to reinvent the space of a bathroom, lending it personality and style. Every accessory of each collection presents a wide character, following different ages and functions.

That is the reason why EVER Life design introduce a totally new vision of the way of thinking about the bathroom: the use of exclusive and innovative materials, gives to every object an experience, aesthetic and synaesthetic. The time acquires a new profile: the use of strong materials gives the opportunity to each product to tell something and to live different life stages becoming not only a design object, but an essential item for personal care.

EVER Life Design exalts the status of brand Made in Italy by giving to each product an easy and regular shape, able to increase the value of the layout and proportions.

Not just this: EVER Life Design realized and designed objects suitable for different functions in everyday life, some of them may be used in different context, new and unconventional, by allowing a new interpretation of your spaces, adding creative details.