Configuration with double shelf and basket double - Click

  • Opaque black
  • Opaque white

This configuration includes a double shelf and a double basket that attach via a magnetic system to the metal band provided.

Thanks to the metal band (90 cm long), that is attached to the wall using a double-sided adhesive system, the Click system allows for various accessory compositions. This configuration consists of a metal band and various accessories including a double shelf and a double basket, which are affixed to the band through a magnet system. The band and shelf are made of painted steel and are available in mat white and mat black, while the double basketball is made of PVC and PES (water resistant material) and is available in ice gray for the mat white configuration and in black for the mat black configuration.


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Data sheet

shelf, bracket, band: painted steel; basket: PVC and PES
900 x 150 x 106,5 mm.
mat white, mat black