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A series of configurations for accessories storage TAPE STORAGE, one of the new collections by EVER Life Design. The configurations for the accessories storage container TAPE STORAGE all consist in a vertical band 1 meter high, wall-mounted, and a series of “baskets” in which you can put different objects. The baskets have different sizes and they are fixed on the band thanks to a system of loops. This system, allows you to put them at the desired height.

The accessories storage container TAPE STORAGE is an object with a design really needful, especially for all those people looking for a nice functional object that takes up just a little space. The wall installation allows it to be perfect in every home in which there are just small spaces available.

In a few simple steps, TAPE STORAGE will be installed to the wall thanks to a band 1 meter long.  To the loops it is possible to hang and insert the different kind of baskets.

In addition to this, some combinations are complete with a toilet roll holder and double coat hook.

This feature allows TAPE STORAGE to be extremely versatile and functional. 

Standard combinations to choose are:

What can you put inside the baskets?

If mounted in the bathroom TAPE STORAGE can contain towels, products for body care, toilet paper rolls, hairdryer, shower gel.

If you want to install TAPE STORAGE on a wall in the kitchen, you can put spices, cutlery, and general KITCHEN accessories.

In addition to this, the baskets are made of a material which is easy to clean and waterproof.

In some combinations, to the band, have been added a double hook and the toilet paper roll holder.  

  • Wall band 1 mt long, double coat hook, 1 basket single pocket ( basket small one), 1 basket double pocket ( basket small double
  • Wall band 1 mt long, 2 basket double pocket ( basket small double)
  • Wall band 1 mt long, 1 basket double pocket ( basket small double) and one basket large ( basket large)
  • Wall band 1 mt long, 1 basket medium ( basket medium), 1 toilet roll holder made of beechwood.

Two colors available: black and ice grey mélange.  

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