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Suspension training band for home training. With the training band, you can do different workouts and stay fit. Created thinking about the need to combine design and fitness, by training in different spaces than those of the gym ( like home or office ), TAPE FIT is made of bands suitable for suspension training. The bands have elegant handles made of natural beechwood, hygienic, easy to clean and to use, and they make this system particularly appealing

Fit at home with the suspension training band of EVER Life Design.


Sedentary life and changing habits can cause different problems, like fat deposits, bad physical resistance, problems of posture and lack of flexibility. With suspension training bands TAPE FIT we wanted to create a refined but performing object: elegance meets strength and comfort but above all the need to help the body to move everywhere, even in a domestic context, an object suitable for everyone, for a full and complete training


Every detail has been carefully tested in order to assure the best performance with load capacity while bands are used. The additional details, such as the felt integrated like comfortable padding in the handle for all the people making exercises with their legs, make this suspension training element a real supporter for the complete total body training such as shoulders, arms, legs, core, etc.

Strong and suitable to be used in any space of the house: the band is made of a special waterproof technical material that makes it safe to practice exercises at home


With an adjustable length, it allows you to perform different exercises depending on your height and physical preparation. The bands have wooden handles, resistant to sweat and easy to clean, durable over time and ecological.


The standard version includes the extension accessory that allows it to be fixed, for example, to a beam.But not only this: the bands can also be used for training even outdoor, paraphs in parks using the existing hooking points like traction bars, or trees. Additional accessories available as optional are two different fixation systems; one for the door and one for the wall.

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