Which kind of design fitness tools is better to choose and which are the best exercises to do? All the tips of @mattiabufopt

Hi! I’m the personal trainer Mattia Bufo and among the range of design fitness tools, today I will tell you something about Tape fit.  

My idea of training has always been: a few exercises with a few design fitness tools, to be used comfortably where you want, and when you want, in order to make the training fitness experience irresistible and functional. 
The followers of my Instagram profile @mattiabufopt know that, among an advice on good habits and a post on a good balanced meal, I love to follow my customers personally. 
The lockdown at first forced me to use technology to be able to follow my customers thanks to the videocall.
As you know, slowly the situation returned to normal and with it also the fitness class at the gym.  
But, Covid or not, and for those who do not know me yet, I want to share immediately this thought: reach and build a good physical form does not mean only “gym”.  

Today, in fact, I want to tell you about Tape Fit supension training bands, that, together with the fitness mat and the brick of the brand EVER Life Design, creates a kit for a total body training, everywhere.
Together with the fitness mat and the brick Tape Fit is one of the design fitness tools that creates the training kit for a total body training, for people of any age. 
This fitness tool has been created by EVER Life Design with the desire to adopt natural and recyclable materials for the production of design fitness equipment, expressing at 100% the importance of making responsible choices, taking care of the world we live every day and trying to make it better.

The training KIT is made of a couple of bands for suspension training ( tape fit ), a comfortable fitness mat and a brick, to use anywhere and that you can always bring with you with the aim to develop the muscle mass, toning the body and improving your posture.  

Here are some tips regarding how to use EVER Life Design fitness tools and in particular Tape Fit

Tape Fit Row 3 sets of 15 repetitions:

This is an exercise very useful for our back, specific for the large back muscle and the trapezius muscle, and secondary gluteus and core, with the aim of developing all the muscles in general. 

Here is the exercise explained in a few simple steps: 

Fix Tape Fix to the door or on a beam; if you ordered the wall hook fix it directly to the wall; 

Stand in front of Tape Fit holding the handles with your arms bent and your elbows close to the body;  

Keep the handles slyghtly below the chest, like in the picture; 

  • Keep your body aligned and move away by extending your arms with a controlled movement as in the picture; 

Repeat the sequence for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Make sure you always keep your abs and gluteus active in order to not lose the correct posture, especially in the lumbar and thoracic area. 
Training with the right design fitness tool helps our body to feel good and fit in any space. 

“Whatever you can do or dream, start it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” 
I’m Mattia Bufo and this is my maxim.
My specialties, as a personal trainer, are: functional training, muscle hypertrophy and strength, weight loss and anthropometric measurements. Together we can achieve great results! 

IG @mattiabufopt 

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