We decided to interview Monica Graffeo, born in 1973, one of the designers who created various collections for EVER Life Design, including our bathroom design shelves. 

What are in your opinion the stages of a good design for bathroom design shelves?  
At first, it is necessary to understand the use and the function, preferable if there is more than one function, and if generally are neglected by the offer. Secondly, they have to be perfectly integrated in the space in which they’ll be installed, for this reason it is important to study the style of tiles, finishes, colors and the trends of the market. Because a beautiful and useful object does not work if it is not integrated with the other elements of the space. 

How much is important to have a clear concept during the phase of creation of a collection of design shelves for bathroom? 
As always, it is very important, without the right start you will not go anywhere.

Let’s talk about materials: are there specific tests to do in order to understand which is the most suitable type of design shelf for a bathroom? If yes, what are the tests and in which way are they realized?  
It depends on the project. Usually the most important is the test for the load capacity, especially if you think that we are talking about a product on which you can hang to in case of loss of balance. 

In your opinion, what is the criterion that an architect should follow during the choice of a bathroom design shelf? 
We should also think about the future: it is important to choose objects that are beautiful and useful today, but also tomorrow, when we could have temporary difficulties due to the age. 

Among the collections you designed for EVER Life Design, is there something you would like to explain better? 
Basically, the different projects EVER Life Design have been created in order to be useful at the moment of the need, but at the same time to be discreet when this need is not a necessity.  The concept is that the customer chooses them first of all because they are functional and beautiful, and than, he will discover that they’ll be very functional in the future or in case of need.