There are many materials but which is the right one for your bathroom washbasin?   

Choosing the bathroom washbasin is one of the most important decision when you design or renovate a bathroom. When we think about a bathroom, the washbasin ( also called bathroom sink ) is one of the sanitaryware that has to be chosen with great care. Regardless of the choice of a wall mounted, built-in or counter top washbasin, the decision of the material is also very important in order to give a touch of personality and functionality to the bathroom.
For example: if we enter in a bathroom the attention is immediately captured by the sink which is often the first sanitaryware that you see in the room. For this reason, choosing it very carefully is important.  
The materials used for a bathroom sink are very different from each other and often they reflect the possibility to use elements that characterize the style harmoniously.
Each material contributes to the creation of an excellent quality of bathroom sink.

Here are the main types:

  • Ceramic washbasin for bathroom 

The classic, the material that has always distinguished the bathroom sink. 
The ceramic bathroom sink is one of the most common version in the homes of all of us, and is often a material that, according to specifications, is usually chosen by the building companies. 
The reason?
It is a cheap material, but very resistant, especially cleaning products, even aggressive ones, but it is always a must for the style of the bathroom. 

  • Bathroom sink made of resin marble 

The resin marble is a strong, modern and resistant material made mostly with marble granules that are mixed in mass. The bathroom sinks made of resin marble are modern, and available in different colors. It is a material that has the advantage to be durable over the time and it resists at impacts. Furthermore, maintenance i salso very easy: to remove limescale and dirt, just clean the surface with soap and water using a non-abrasive sponge. Among the proposals of EVER Life Design here is the marble resin bathroom sink of Stony collection  : the round shape and the elegance of the material combined with the modern colors available make it ideal any bathroom.

  • Soft polyurethane washbasin

And here is our gem: the polyurethane is a soft material that flexes gently when is touched. It is a hygienic, resistant and innovative material: think about a “soft” washbasin specially designed to avoid unpleasant accidents in the bathroom and to offer a new texture and an irresistible style. 
Bounce collection is the washbasin by EVER Life Design made of polyurethane. It has a harmonious shape, thanks to its rounded corners.

So, which material to choose?

For sure it will depend on the budget and the style you want to give to the bathroom. A tip is to include the sink in a project considering personal needs. A minimal style, that privileges shapes and materials, will be for sure the most appreciated choice in case of a sober but contemporary style.