…and this is the moment in which you ask yourself why you have not bought Tape Shower yet.   

Soft lights, scented candles, the steam of a relaxing warm shower, the water on the body  that washes away your thoughts, ready for a vigorous shampoo, and …… 
So.. the shampoo is on a small corner, on the floor and also the conditioner, and you have to lay down on your knees ad try to find out the right tumbler.. 
And if goes wrong the shampoo spills out on the shower tray.. and maybe it was the last one ‘cause you forgot to buy it.. 
End of the magic. 
And this is the moment in which you think “I have to buy a basket solution for the shower, maybe a design one, in which I can put everything I need”. 
But that moment never came because you don’t want to drill the tiles, for which you spent a lot of money.

Then.. what is the solution?

Tape shower, a solution of baskets for shower with suction cups!
Tape shower is provided with special technical suction cups , high strength, suitable to fix the product directly to tiles or to the shower glass, without the necessity to drill it. 
The advantage of using tape shower is double: it not only allows you to not drill the shower walls, but also to have a minimal and modern design accessory in the shower corner.
A peculiarity is to have an accessory for the shower made of fabric: Tape shower, in fact, is made of a waterproof fabric that is very easy to clean, simply with a cloth. 

How is Tape Shower made?

The design of Tape Shower consists in a series of baskets mounted on a polypropylene band with a length of 60 cm, thanks to a structure of loops. 
The strength of the technical material matches perfectly with the functionality of the baskets, that, thanks to the suction cups, adhere perfectly to the surface even over the time. 
Inside the baskets it is possible to put the shampoo, the conditioner, a sponge to wash the body, and everything you need to have at hand in the shower.  
The additional peculiarity of this design shower accessory is that it is available in two ultra-modern colors such as black and ice gray, colors that look good everywhere and in every bathroom. 

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