Towel holder and multifunctional lamp 50 cm - Shine

  • Opaque black
  • Opaque white
  • Anodized

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A towel holder for the bathroom, a lamp, a handle for support. The multifunctionality of the project makes the SHINE an innovative collection; it is a transversal, versatile and useful collection in many rooms of the house.

Design Monica Graffeo.

Did you want a lamp, a towel rack or a safety handle? You found it!

SHINE Collection is composed of a series of accessories initially designed for the bathroom but which then extended their functionality to other areas of the house.

The size of 50 cm allows it to be inserted in spacious environments that need an original light point or a towel holder which, if necessary, becomes a safe support.

The designer Monica Graffeo creates a flexible, empathic, warm, and aesthetically beautiful product. The product is safety with a declared capacity of 120 kg. A product that satisfies the aesthetic and functional side and adapts to your needs.

Shine is the ideal accessory in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the living area and at the entrance of the house

It can be installed in a horizontal position but also in a vertical position and, through the application of the waterproof treatment, it becomes water resistant and can be installed in the shower.

LED: 24 VDC, 3000 K and 100v-60 hz

Maintenance tips

Carry out adequate cleaning with soap and water, do not use aggressive, abrasive, corrosive products, alcohol, acids, acetone, thinner, etc. Do not scratch the paint. Check the correct tightening of the wall fixings and electrical terminals, avoid contact of water with the LED strip. Do not turn the lamp for more than one turn in the same direction

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