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Wall-mounted organizer - Prop

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Composition of 3 hanger and shelves for the bathroom.

Prop Collection.

Design Monica Graffeo

PROP is a design composition for the bathroom, the living area and the kitchen.

A composition that does not take up space and which proposes to combine an aluminum bar with various useful accessories to accessorize the home in a functional way.

In this composition, there are:

  • The hangers available in mat black and mat white. This accessory can be used to hang towels in the bathroom, or in the kitchen, or in the living area for your clothes and jackets. Its shape allows you to hang also bags, ties, and scarves. Original and solid, it is a functional solution for your home. Its minimal shape allows it to be perfect for every type of space.
  • shelf available in mat black and mat white, it has a rectangular shape, but with rounded edges, in order to guarantee a good level of safety. This feature, is important not only for its shape from the aesthetic point of view, but also it guarantees the possibility to avoid dangerous domestic accidents. Dimension 20,5x10,5 cm.

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